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 What a Certified CFO Can Do for Your Business 
 Give you financial oversight. 

Get someone who knows how to grow successful businesses that make real money.

 Be your go-to financial guide. 

Get a 'go-to' financial expert who will be with you every step of the way.

 Give you direction on what to do. 

Get direction on the exact next steps to have a growing and successful business.

 Understand your numbers. 

A successful business is one that understands and is improving their numbers.

 Be a trusted confidant. 

Finally have someone to turn to for advice and to bounce ideas off of.

Own a machine. Not a job. 

Your business needs to be a machine that makes money for you. Not a low-paying job.

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As part of the certification program, we'll show you how to add a CFO service so you can command higher fees, have recurring revenue, and a bigger impact on your clients' lives. In addition, we'll teach you a system on how to get clients and upsell existing clients.
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