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  For Small & Medium Sized Business Owners  
 Find an Expert to Ensure Your Businesses' Success 
Meet once a month with a Certified CFO and finally be confident your business is on the right-track. 
Find a CFO
 What a CFO Can Do for Your Business 
 Give you financial oversight. 

Get someone who knows how to grow successful businesses that make real money.

 Be your go-to financial guide. 

Get a 'go-to' financial expert who will be with you every step of the way.

 Give you direction on what to do. 

Get direction on the exact next steps to have a growing and successful business.

 Understand your numbers. 

A successful business is one that understands and is improving their numbers.

 Be a trusted confidant. 

Finally have someone to turn to for advice and to bounce ideas off of.

Own a machine. Not a job. 

Your business needs to be a machine that makes money for you. Not a low-paying job.

Find a CFO
Are you in the business owner's trap?

There are three challenges facing business owners:

Challenge #1: You need cash to grow your business; but you don't know how to get more cash.

Challenge #2: You're an expert in your field, not necessarily an expert in business and financials.

Challenge #3: You don't understand the financial health of your business.

Because of these challenges, it's no wonder that most businesses fail.

So, how do you escape the business owners trap?

By improving the only thing that matters in business: the amount of money your business makes!

That's what a Certified CFO is good at.

A Certified CFO works exclusively with small and medium sized businesses to ensure they are on the right-track to having a growing and successful business (read: one that makes a lot of money).

Find a CFO
What is a Certified CFO?

A Chief Financial Officer for a big business is one that does three things:

1. Track profit and cash flow.
2. Analyze what's working - and what's not.
3. Guide the leadership team.

We do this same thing exclusively for small and medium sized business owners in our unique outsourced CFO program.

You'll meet with your Certified CFO once a month who will guide you on how to have a growing and successful business.

Never be lost again about what to do to have a successful business.

All for one flat fee per month.

Find a CFO
 Are you a financial professional looking to get certified? 
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An exclusive membership program just for CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers to learn how to provide a scalable CFO service that actually gets results for your clients.

As part of the certification program, we'll show you how to add a CFO service so you can command higher fees, have recurring revenue, and a bigger impact on your clients' lives. In addition, we'll teach you a system on how to get clients and upsell existing clients.
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